Throughout November 2018 we’re releasing playlists by each band member! You can find all these playlists together here!

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JRob’s Top Jams

It features an eclectic mix of personal influences and favourites along with a few local top picks of Josh's including: Ten Eighty TreesFloodHoundsLife Aquatic Band - L.A.B & Heavy Lids.


Mike’s Mix

This playlist has a mix of a whole host of different genres and styles. Including music from locals Bad Brew and Captives On The Carousel.


Beats by Berna

“It's just a collection of mostly bollocks I listen to from the 90s” - Bernadette 2018. Also featured are our good pals Kid Conventional, Steal the City & A Hundred Crowns.


laura From birth - 27

“It’s a selection of influences that made me who I am .... emo.” Laura 2018. Also Featured are Empusa, Psython and Dutch Mustard.