Sup! I missed out April (sorry), but it’s only because there’s been so much going on. We managed to make time for a little trip to the Botanical Gardens to look moody though:

Photo by Mal Whichelow

Photo by Mal Whichelow

Our album is now fully underway - drums are done, the guitars/bass are almost finished, and main vocals are done too. It’s sounding so so good and we can’t wait to show you it. We also worked on some extra string parts and percussion this month. It’s our most ambitious project yet and I’m so excited about it.


For those of you who don’t know (and honestly I have no idea how you couldn’t, it’s literally the only thing I’ve spoken about in weeks) we’re taking pre-orders for the new record until June 4th.

There’s a tonne of cool stuff to order as well as the new record, including:

  • Signed CDs

  • The opportunity to watch us record two tracks

  • T-shirts with brand new designs

  • A gig in your house

  • Exclusive photos from our disposable cameras

These badge packs come with most orders - I drew the designs!

These badge packs come with most orders - I drew the designs!

If you haven’t ordered yet, don’t worry there’s still a week to go. Click the button below to pre-order before Tuesday June 4


Summer is approaching fast and we have some dates for your diaries. Head to our gigs page or our Facebook for ticket links xx