About a month and a half ago I was sitting in a coffee shop planning the album. I knew I was being really ambitious with the people I wanted to work with and things I wanted to do, so I was trying to think of ways to scale it back to something a bit more affordable. 

I had been toying with the idea of running a crowdfunding campaign, but it scared the hell out of me, to be honest. Being in a band is like being in a huge popularity contest that never ends. People judge you by how many fans you have (which makes sense, I guess) and having a crowdfunding campaign puts you right in the thick of it. It shows clearly in black and white exactly how much support there is for you and your music. It's a really vulnerable position to be in, and I wasn't sure we'd reach a substantial target and I was even less sure that I'd be able to deal with the embarrassment of failing if we didn't get there. MOLLYANNA has had its fair share of setbacks, and I was scared that we'd lost some of our momentum.  

But then I wondered what it would be like to be brave instead of cautious. To go big instead of shrinking myself. To show the music I've been working on in the best possible way rather than being ok with it being ok. To really push ourselves. 

I honestly wasn't expecting to get anywhere near the amount of support that you've all given. 208% funded. I thought we'd be lucky to get to 100%. From family, friends, long-term fans, and very new fans - even people who have never seen us play because they live on the other side of the world!

In case you missed it, we made some tiny documentaries about the recording process, and you can watch all four of them here:

Most of these photos were taken by T Music Hut Media.

This month we went to Wentworth Music Festival to play some tunes in a field while it pissed it down. We fucking loved it. We got to play music, then eat burritos in the rain watching S Club. Ironically, obvs.

If you missed us, you can watch us next month:

July 19 - The Cremorne, Sheffield
July 21 - The Trades, Rotherham

The Kickstarter is over, but the work for us is just beginning. Over the next month we’re filming two music videos and the live tracks for the record, so I’ll have plenty to share with you soon! Donations of coffee and redbull would be welcome.

Peace x