Hey everyone! I haven’t been able to post much this month on the ol’ socials but here’s an update for you. There’s been a tonne of stuff happening behind the scenes, but none of it has been particularly glamorous… I tend to go into hermit mode at this point of writing, sacking off all my social plans until I’m done. I get tunnel vision as there’s so much to pick apart and perfect before we go into the studio. We’re almost there, though, with 3/4 songs pretty much finished and arranged. This is set to be our most ambitious recording yet (we’re getting a STRING SECTION for at least one of the tracks) so it’s going to be worth all the time, effort and heartache that’s going into it!


warning uncomfortable personal anecdote In personal news, I got my first tattoo this week! This probably doesn’t sound like a huge deal but it is to me. If you’ve ever worked out what some of my songs are about you’ll have realised that I’m an abuse survivor. For a long time I’ve not really recognised my body as my own and held back on drawing attention to it or taking control of it. Choosing someone to design something really pretty to decorate it with has felt like a really huge psychological step in feeling in control and like myself again.

It’s on my wrist. And involves flowers.

I’ve also been judging a singing contest this month which has been strangely inspiring. I was on the panel of Varsity Voice, which is a contest between Sheffield Hallam and the University of Sheffield to choose a singer for the half-time entertainment at the Ice Hockey final. It was obviously nothing like what I do with MOLLYANNA (not one single rock song - mostly Adele covers, if I’m honest) but it was still really rewarding to pass on some knowledge and hear some great singers.



We only played one gig this month but it was lots of fun and we made a new friend Mal Whichelow who took some incredible photos of us:

We have three gigs coming up in April though, in Doncaster, Buxton and Sheffield. With recording as well, April is going to be mental. Check out the details on our Gigs page then come say hello at a show and keep us sane!

One last thing before I leave you alone forever* - we’re funding our EP largely through merch sales, so if you’d like to help us out by buying a hat or even just some badges, please do so by visiting our store!

*Approximately one month.

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