February //

It’s pretty weird to be reflecting on February with the sun shining through the window and the temperature outside being 14 degrees… It feels like so much later in the year. I’m sure it’s down to global warming, which makes me sad, but at the same time I’m finding myself looking forward to summer. So much has to happen before then, though!


New EP is finally on its way!

Much joy.

This month we’ve started the pre-production for our brand new EP, so that means we’ve been finalising the arrangements of songs so when we get in the studio we can Smash It. We’ve also been having fun with art work and stuff which we’ll be able to share with you very soon!

This month’s gigs have been some of my favourites yet. We put on a hometown gig with Waster Records on February 1st and you guys didn’t disappoint - the gig sold out way in advance and by buying tickets you helped us raise enough money to book a studio to record drums. I can’t express how grateful we are to have such a supportive group of fans!

On February 8th we went back to our spiritual home in Chesterfield to help raise money for the Shaw Mind Foundation. We got to play with loads of our mates, including Steal The City and Air Drawn Dagger, which is what it’s all about really, isn’t it.

If you missed us (or just want to watch us play again) go have a look at our upcoming dates:

I’ll leave you with a particularly lovely quote from Mat of Waster Records about our gig on February 1st.

MOLLYANNA I have seen many times but last night was a step forward. They played to peak crowd, people simply couldn’t get in. Insane musicianship and mature songs played with intensity. You could see people falling in love with them before your eyes. They’re a band who quietly get on with what they do but it’s undeniable that they could easily play rooms a hundred times bigger than this. A band out in the wrong time maybe? As they’re far better than the platinum selling bands of the noughties they could possibly be most closely compared to
— Mat, Waster Records
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