Beauty can emerge from the most chaotic places - this is something singer Bernadette Dales and guitarist Mike Hukins know very well. During their decade long friendship they have stitched together their disparate and contradictory influences to form rock music that is at once wild, vulnerable and volatile. Their opposition is a clear influence in their latest collection of songs, which deal with nostalgia, destruction, and the hardest kinds of relationship.


The pair began MOLLYANNA as a duo in 2016, but since then, with the help of bassist Joshua Roberts and drummer Laura Moakes, they have developed into an alt-rock band unlike any other. Their music is for the outsiders - those on the fringes with a story to tell.

“We’re not the average angry straight man rock band,” Bernadette says. “We're an angry feminine queer nerdy rock band instead. And I love that. There’s room for so many voices in rock music and I’m really grateful for the platform we have to share ours.”

It’s connecting with people too: the band are selling out their hometown shows, making festival appearances and gaining fans at out of town gigs up and down the country.

After releasing their debut EP Ghosts in 2016 to high acclaim, MOLLYANNA are long overdue a follow up with their new band mates. The quartet are currently in the studio working on their new record, which is to be co-produced by the band themselves and Mark Mynett (Mynetaur Productions, Kill II This), and due to be released in Autumn 2019.

In the meantime, there are ample opportunities to see the band play live this summer. MOLLYANNA’s unforgettable live show sees jagged guitar work collide with arresting vocals, but it’s the force of Laura Moakes on drums and Joshua Roberts on bass that tie it all together, completing the band’s sound.

— Music and Riots
Insane musicianship and mature songs played with intensity
— Mat Hume, Waster Records
Photo by Mal Whichelow

Photo by Mal Whichelow

A greatly inventive new band
— Kycker
— Christian Carlisle, BBC Introducing